Personality, motivation and competence of the applicant

Personality motivation and competence of the applicant are two of the most important factors that determine whether the person will be successful or not. A person’s personality is what drives him towards success or failure in life. It is his disposition and traits that make him a suitable candidate for the position. These factors are also used to evaluate the competency of the applicant for the various jobs he applies for.

The employees’ jobs always come up against a number of challenges, so they need to think about these factors to come up with the best possible outcomes. Although they have high competence in specific jobs, some of them may not be able to think properly or do their work well. So the role of the managers and supervisors is to identify the issues they face and help them identify how to overcome them. These obstacles must be kept in mind before anything else so that the problem solving and analysis can take place effectively.

Competence and personality are very interrelated. This means that a manager can provide guidance to an employee if he has the necessary personality. For example, if an employee finds it difficult to plan or organize, this factor will act as a negative influence on his work performance. If this employee comes under a good manager or supervisor, then the personality will not affect his work.

But if an employee’s personality is not ideal, then these employees will face a lot of problems. One major challenge will be the lack of motivation that this employee faces. He will be inclined to give up easily. This can cause a big loss in terms of time and money.

Competence also plays a role in determining personality and other factors. A person with high competence will always come up with the results he desires. He will be able to complete the tasks he is assigned. He will not give up easily, even when faced with challenges.

Sometimes, an employee may be assigned with a low level of work due to the situation. Since he has low competence, he will be unable to perform well. There will be a lot of things he has to handle in a day so he will not have much time to spend on his work. His performance will suffer because of this.

In order to promote and develop career skills of the applicant, he needs to be able to deal with challenging situations. A person with competency in his area of work will not have a problem dealing with these situations. He will have enough time to prepare for them. This will ensure that he will get the most out of the job.

Competent workers will get promoted quickly when they apply for jobs that require more responsibility. If a person with low competence applies for a managerial position, then the results will be dismal. So it is always better to be fit and capable than to be good at something and then not be able to get ahead in the work.