job follow up email examples

When it comes to job follow up, many people think of the conventional way of doing it: sending a follow up email. This is a good approach when you want to ensure that your prospects are aware of your latest achievements. However, it can be quite a tedious task as you must know what questions to ask and what not to answer. Here are some email examples you can use for your next job interview.

Follow up in seven minutes or less? Maybe you’re tempted to add something more substantial to the message. Instead of showing how smart you are with a series of figures, you could say something like, “Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you soon.” You’ll immediately get their attention because you’ve stopped wasting precious time with fluff.

Most companies try to keep up with their competitors and focus on jobs that are similar to their own. This means that if you get a call from a client who wants to offer you a new project that is different from your existing one, they will want to know if you’ll consider it. They’ll be interested in knowing how you can provide the new direction.

Postdates aren’t exactly a necessity for your clients, but they are a nice touch. Use this technique in all your follow up messages. When they call about a job opening that’s currently available, they may not be able to attend the interview, so they will appreciate the invitation to see if you’re available. If they have another appointment, they may be so excited about a new job opportunity that they’ll tell their friends that they’re on their way. The friend may even pass this information on to their boss, so your follow up will be further proof that you did everything you could to ensure their success.

Always send your follow up a few days before the job lead that was just sent to you. You need time to collect the information that you’ll need to send a successful response. In most cases, you will receive an instant response. This makes it easier to keep your work in motion and make sure your company is positioned to offer the best product or service to clients who need it.

Keep in mind that the best follow up messages don’t always appear on your inbox. Emails that are placed on your business list will make it to your next draft of the message as a thank you. They won’t be archived for future reference. Sometimes you can miss a follow up message because it goes to the trash instead of the trash bin.

An EMR system can save you a lot of time when it comes to following up with customers. In fact, there are software programs that will automatically place your follow up in the same format as the original request. For instance, if a client asks if you can set up a conference call with them and they want to be on the line with you, you can simply provide them with a recording. These days, even voicemail messages are being saved and played for you, so the customer can hear you when they call.

Sometimes all you need to follow up with a customer is a quick note. You can get by just doing a simple email thank you with the subject line “Thank you for your call.” Do not forget to write “thank you” at the end of your email. Keeping your customers happy will help make your career flourishing.

job follow up email examples
job follow up email examples