First Baby Registry Checklist

Baby showers, as well as baby showers organized by family and friends, provide a wonderful opportunity for expecting parents to gather together to plan the first baby registry. The first baby registry involves listing items that the expectant parents can purchase for their child at the shower. These can include things like baby shower invitations and invites, decorations, gifts and favors, games and prizes, and anything else that would be appropriate. Here is a basic first baby registry checklist that can be used to help new parents get started.

This first baby registry checklist is available in two formats: text and pdf. Text versions are ideal for use on cell phones and PDAs without word processing software and can be stored on small flash drives. PDF documents are ideal for printing and saving on large sheets of paper and are great for sharing with family members or co-workers. The first baby registry may be compiled using multiple electronic forms if available. It may also be saved in a text file format, such as in a Word file or in a PDF file.

o Save as a Word document. In this first baby registry checklist 1. There is an “alt” link that can be clicked to bring up the form field to complete the items list. A new document is generated for each item listed on the form field.

o Save as a PDF. This is the fastest and most convenient way to save a file. Simply click on the “print” button on the form field to generate a new document, which you then can copy and paste into the PDF viewer. The completed form is sent as an attachment on an e-mail that you specify. Using PDFsimpli is the easiest way to create and send a baby gift.

o Make a list of items you need. List every necessary item on your first baby registry checklist. This way, the baby shower planner does not have to make a special order of diapers or burp cloths just to get the mom something really thoughtful. If there are two or more gifts being requested, list the gifts for the mom first and then list the gifts for the baby last. Clearly marking that gift came last prevents the mom from getting duplicate gifts.

o Save in a Word document or in a PDF. Any spreadsheet program will allow you to save a document in any of the many document formats that are available. You can use first baby registry checklist templates or write your own. Use the document formats that are readily available so that your checksheets will look exactly the same as the template you have created in a word processor or in a PDF.

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